Safety floor matting for poolside, sauna and shower room.

Reduce the risk of slips and trips at pool sides, saunas and shower rooms with Kleen-Wave safety matting.

Designed specifically for wet areas (both indoors and outdoors), its interlocking structure makes it great for covering large spaces – and it is 100% recyclable.

Reduces slip and trip accidents by providing good traction for bare feet, its soft-touch plastic construction also cushions and reduces impact damage in the event of a fall, thus reducing the likelihood of serious injury.

For ease of installation and flexibility of coverage, our Kleen-Wave matting is available in interlocking 0.58 m wide strips of 1 m length. This enables you to quickly cover large areas, poolside runners or walkways with this comfortable wave design matting system.

Why choose Kleen-Wave?

Reduced wet area accidents

Soft touch traction for bare feet

Modular – ideal for areas large or small

Anti-microbial properties will not support bacterial growth

Can be 100% recycled

2 year guarantee or 2 million crossings

Made in Europe

Technical Information

Wet room
Locker room
Shower room
MATERIALS 100% recyclable PET plastic
SIZES Sold by the metre.
Roll width: 58 cm.
Interlocking modular link system allows for infinite size options.
For each linear metre you will receive x2 free plastic connectors.
Supplied in rolls of up to 16 metres for your convenience.


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    Pastel Blue

    Dark Blue

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