Disinfectant Mat System

Floor level defence against bacteria, microbes and virus contamination.

The ultimate floor level defence

This two mat system is designed to give passing shoes the ultimate clean as they enter a controlled area. Using a disinfectant solution designed to kill bacteria, microbes, viruses and other potentially harmful infections that can be brought into a building on the soles of shoes.

The Disinfectant mat well is constructed using rubber foam with an embossed reservoir design that holds liquid in-place, giving passing shoes an even coverage of disinfectant.

The Drying mat is a professional quality, washable, printed nylon, entrance mat designed to absorb excess moisture quickly and effectively as you walk over it.

Together they form the ultimate floor level defence against harmful contamination.

Why choose the Disinfectant Mat System?

Disinfectant mat well

Type: Kleen-Kushion

Applies disinfectant to passing shoes

Kills bacteria, microbes and viruses

Slip-resistant rubber

Drying mat

Type: Jet-Print

Dries shoes

Machine washable up to 60°C

Slip-resistant rubber backing

Technical Information

Food production facilities
Medical facilities
DISINFECTANT MAT WELL 100 % nitrile rubber
Foam rubber centre
Sizes: 60 x 85 cm, 85 x 150 cm
Disinfectant not included – see recommendations*
DRYING MAT High-twist nylon
Nitrile rubber backing
Size: 85 x 150 cm


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