Kleen System

Aluminium entrance mat system designed for strength and durability.

The mat system for fitted wells and recesses.

Aluminium entrance mat system profiles are held together by stainless steel wire. Designed for entrances with normal to heavy pedestrian traffic. Available with 3 types of inserts to suit many applications that can be mixed and matched for optimum performance depending on your needs.

Kleen-System Brush – Designed to absorb moisture this abrasion and compression resistant fibre fill is for indoor use only.

Kleen-System Ribbed – Made with tough, hard rubber this robust fill is resistant to moisture, corrosion and varying temperature extremes. Use indoor or outdoor.

Kleen-System Scrub – Strong bristles actively scrape debris from passing foot traffic. This fill is also resistant to moisture, corrosion and varying temperature extremes. Use indoor or outdoor.

Why choose Kleen-System?

Fitted entrance system

Designed for busy entrance areas to public buildings

Extremely hard wearing

3 insert types in 3 colour options

Mix and match any type and/or colour combination

3 recess depths available

Frames and ramps also available

Cfl-s1 fire certification

National Institute of Hygiene certification

Anti-slip resistance depends on type of inlay

3 year Manufacturers Guarantee

Made in Europe

Technical Information

APPLICATIONS Busy indoor entrances, well or recess
MATERIALS Profiles: Aluminium with stainless steel wire
Brush: Looped polypropylene or polyamide in plus version
Ribbed: Hard rubber or EPDM in plus version
Scrub: Rigid scraper tufts
FILL STRIPS Custom sizes
Heights: 12, 17 or 22 mm
MAT FRAMES Custom sizes
Heights: 15, 20 or 25 mm
RAMP EDGING Custom sizes
Heights: 12 or 18 mm


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    All 3 fill types are available in Black, Grey and Brown.

    KS Brush

    KS Ribbed

    KS Scrub
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