Kleen-Komfort Standard

The 100% rubber anti-fatigue mat for industrial areas.

Ergonomic relief in industrial workplaces

Kleen-Komfort is a durable rubber mat that provides excellent traction and fatigue relief for your muscles and joints at the same time. The cushioned inner construction promotes excellent anti-fatigue properties and its surface texture and low profile edges convey a better grip and reduced risk of slip or trip accident in the workplace.

In addition to the standard model, the “Kleen-Komfort Safety” is designed to highlight potential hazards where the mat is placed. Bright yellow borders draw the eyes attention and increase awareness of dangerous areas within the industrial workplace.

Why choose Kleen-Komfort?

Anti-fatigue mat for industrial areas

Relief for muscles and joints

Cushioned for long standing comfort

Low profile edges

5 year Manufacturers Guarantee

Made in Europe

Technical Information

APPLICATIONS Industrial workstations and counters
Anywhere staff stand for long periods
MATERIALS Nitrile rubber
Foam rubber centre
SIZES 60 x 85 cm
85 x 150 cm
85 x 285 cm


111,23 525,26  χωρίς ΦΠΑ



    Subtle embossed grid texture
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